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Content Management Systems

Whether you're looking for a large e-commerce website, or even a simple brochure website, our content management system (also known as a CMS) is more than capable of powering your website to provide maximum ease-of-use, allowing you to many things you wouldn't normally be able to do by yourself, such as:

  • Creating and editing pages
  • Publishing and editing blog posts
  • Uploading images, videos, and other files
  • Adding and editing products
  • Managing stock levels of your products
  • Daily sales reports
  • Managing store shipping options
  • Changing the structure of your menu
  • Managing other users of your CMS
  • Managing any orders made via a store
  • Editing website settings, such as the name and contact details
  • Advanced statistics telling you how many people are using your website
  • Accepting online payments
  • Managing bookings
  • And much more.

Our robust content management system is there to provide you with an easy and efficient way of managing your website via WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editors and step-by-step forms. You do not require any coding knowledge (or even technical knowledge) to use our CMS.

Although our CMS is suitable for most websites, we understand that not all websites have the same requirements. As our CMS was designed and developed in-house by us, we're able to edit the CMS to your exact needs.

Simply let us know what you need and we will build it for you.

We also realise that our CMS is not for every client and we've created 100's of websites using our open source platform of choice, Wordpress.

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