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Over the past 12 months we’ve been incredibly busy working with our long-standing friends at Blue Chilli, the digital marketing specialists, developing and refining a piece of software specifically for the education sector with, we’re very pleased to say, great success.

Now fully tried and tested, School Hub is a clever Content Management System (CMS) that drives and administers our websites for schools, which along with our award-winning design credentials is delivering some of the smartest websites in the sector. If you're a school that's looking to improve and upgrade its website, you will enjoy the unrivalled possibilities for functions and features that are offered by School Hub. Functions and features like the following, that will enable you to:

  • Communicate with your parents and pupils using our integrated email and text messaging package – so no separate software packages or contracts required
  • Make considerable and ongoing time and cost savings every time you communicate to your audience compared to absolutely everything else in the market
  • Have access to valuable data reports to enable you to monitor and evaluate communication activity
  • Incorporate a payment portal for parent and school transactions as well as a school shop, if required, all within your website

Bespoke website design, Bespoke CMS

Unlike many similar providers of websites for schools, here at Adventure we don't see this as a mass market, where ‘off the shelf’ design and CMS templates are churned out with little or no regard for a school’s individuality. We work to a bespoke design-brief, collaborated on and agreed with the school, which provides and caters for their particular needs and circumstances. Likewise, the CMS is bespoke and unlike generic ‘off the shelf’ solutions, which have many needless features that can be confusing, your School Hub will only have relevant features, features that you and your school need, like:

  • Updateability Update unlimited pages from anywhere with an internet connection and upload unlimited images, videos and documents
  • School calendars Download calendar events into parent, teacher and student diaries (outlook, Mac iCal, Google mail) with the ability to choose events by year group, club and date
  • School news, events and blogs All of which integrate seamlessly with the school newsletter
  • Reduce your carbon footprint Email newsletters with no-cost per send
  • Text messages Send SMS text messages quickly and effortlessly through School Hub for only 4.9p per text
  • Full Facebook and Twitter integration Update Facebook and Twitter with one click from your School Hub
  • Leadership Team reporting Automated weekly reports sent to your Leadership Team to view website statistics like page updates, emails and text messages sent, visitor numbers, page views, most popular pages, average time spent on site and individual pages etc.


The process and the cost

Throughout the process we work in collaboration with our schools every step of the 6-step way. We find this constant collaboration ensures the desired outcome every time. Here are the 6 steps:

  • Step one: Initial meeting to establish requirements
  • Step two: Create a website plan and put costs forward for approval
  • Step three: Design the homepage and a couple of ‘inner’ pages for approval
  • Step four: Build the website integrating the designs and required features with School Hub
  • Step five: Testing
  • Step Six: Launch the new site

Typically, from initial meeting to launch takes 4 to 8 weeks and (depending on which features are required) will cost between £3,000 and £6,500.

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